9. The Third Millenium


KBOO spent the early part of the decade fighting for free speech. The FCC levied a fine against KBOO for airing indecent material on October 20, 1999 — the broadcast of Sarah Jones’ “Your Revolution,” a poetic diatribe deploring misogynist lyrics common in mainstream hip hop, on The Soundbox. In July 2001, KBOO appealed the FCC violation and $7,000 fine, arguing that the material was not indecent, and that no sanction was warranted, given the context. In 2003 KBOO won the appeal, and Deena Barnwell and KBOO scored a great free speech victory.

KBOO expanded its audience by launching a website with streaming audio in 2002. The site was improved and relaunched in 2007, ensuring that KBOO programming would be shared online, worldwide.

Youth programming can be found throughout KBOO's history, with shows produced by youth — like Children’s Thoughts and Words and Youth Brigade — and programming aimed at youth, such as readings from books for youth. In 1981, a focus on more youth-inclusive programming was part of that year's community service goals. In 2002, The KBOO Youth Collective was started. They meet weekly and produce two shows a month.

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