14. How To Get A Show


Many people come to KBOO each year with dreams of being on the air. Community members can participate in KBOO radio shows in a number of ways. If someone has an event to promote or wants to speak about a timely issue, they can be a guest on one of the shows that fits with that topic. For those with an interest in hosting a show, the first step is to become a KBOO volunteer by attending a Volunteer Orientation at the KBOO studio. Volunteer positions include everything from clerical work to news writing to sound producing. After that, a Beloved Community Training teaches new volunteers about the station’s mission and program charter and how those affect what is broadcast over the air or on the internet. After the prospective host has become a volunteer, they can submit a program proposal for their show idea. KBOO trains volunteers in show production and use of the sound equipment. On-air hosts participate in mandatory classes such as Introduction to Audio Production. Elective classes for volunteers are also offered and include topics like editing and interviewing.

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