7. Twenty Somethings: the 1990s


Much of KBOO’s mission solidified in the 1990’s. KBOO grew to know who they were, and grew stronger in carrying out their mission. The radio station expanded through programming, technology, and geography in the subsequent years.

 In 1991, the station expanded when 90.7 FM moved to the KGON tower. KBOO started broadcasting into the Gorge, while the Corvallis frequency was switched on in March 1993. KBOO began experimenting with internet streaming in 1995 and had select commentaries on demand through RealAudio by 1999.

 In 1993, a letter was posted around the station signed by “the Dirty Laundry Committee” which  accused KBOO of a growing distance “between itself and the communities it is charged with serving.” At the same time, there was a nationwide mandate from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for greater diversity in public radio. Although KBOO is ahead of the curve nationally, this mandate brings about deeper discussions on programming goals and fulfilling its mission.