8. Programming in the 1990s


Programming expanded during the 1990s with the addition of the 5:30 to 7am Folk Strip, and shows like Proverbial Perspectives, the KBOO Morning News, Teen Forum, Life During Wartime, and The Italian Hour.

 KBOO also started annual programming specials such as the Afrikan Mental Liberation Weekend, Coming Out Day, Persian New Year, Miles Davis’ Birthday Celebration, Genocide Cover Up Day and Thanksgiving Soul Fest, AIDS Awareness Day, and the Homelessness Marathon. KBOO started the annual live broadcast from the Pickathon music festival, which originated as a benefit for KBOO. In 1991 a 72 hour special on surrealism and dada curated by Richard Francis was broadcast, which later won a Golden Reel Award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

 The decade ended with coverage of the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle, where KBOO reporter Andrew Geller broke the story of the failure of the talks.

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