4. 20 SE 8th Ave.


Station Manager Vicky Tempey mentioned buying a building in the February 1981 Program Guide. A year later, in February 1982, KBOO announced:

 “The Board of Directors is signing the last name on a contract that allows us to lease, insure, and pay taxes with an option to buy in the 6th year on this 5800 square ft. pocket warehouse at 20 SE 8th. Brilliant!”

 The building formerly was the home to Gould-Mersereau Co, Inc. Drapery.

 February 14th, 1982 was declared the “We Love Our New Building Day” and another open house was held on the same day in 1983 to celebrate the completed buildout of the studios and production rooms. The community was invited into KBOO’s new, permanent home.

 On March 8, 1986, KBOO held a Lease Burning Party, to celebrate the $100,000 phase of the building and property.

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