KBOO_Belmont location_cropped.jpg

In June 1968, KBOO was located in the West Hills garage of Harold Singleton, broadcasting at ten watts. Soon thereafter, KBOO moved to 234 SW Salmon Street. In the summer of 1971, the station moved to a storefront at 3129 SE Belmont.

By 1973, the staff had grown to five full-timers, with about 50 active volunteers.

KBOO Programmers could do whatever they liked, with only FCC rules as a guideline. A highlight of KBOO’s early programming was the Open Forum, broadcast every weekday. Open Forum was an opportunity for community members to go on the air and express whatever they liked, as long as they heeded warnings to avoid the libelous and obscene.

In 1975, local control of 90.7 FM was transferred to the people of Portland. The KBOO Foundation now owned the license for KBOO Community Radio.