In early 1964, Portland’s only classical music station, KGMG, went off the air. In response, Lloyde Livingstone wrote a letter to the Oregon Journal, published in May of the same year.

She asked “Are there others eager to engage against ‘air pollution’?” There were, and Livingstone lead a group of Portlanders to bring listener-supported radio to the area.

At the time, Lorenzo Milam was in Seattle, at KRAB, the community radio station. Livingstone contacted him for help. Lorenzo says “She was always very nice, but she was always very insistent - she had the transmitter, and the site... she had me.”

Milam filed the application for KBOO to be housed under the Jackstraw Foundation, KRAB’s license holder. After three years, the FCC sent a telegram to KBOO saying the station received its permit to operate, and on June 3, 1968 the station went live on the air.

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