So many people have made KBOO over the years!  We'd love your help in telling this multi faceted, complex story during our 50th year. The collection on this website is created from materials we've managed to collect over time, but it is far from being as comprehensive as we'd like it to be! Please contact us if you have any materials that might be suitable for inclusion or have any knowledge that could help us identify people/dates/etc. in the photos currently featured. Please also reach out to include your story or the stories of communities and groups that you were part of, that were part of KBOO, that may not yet be represented on the site. The KBOO Stories project is also happening, and we'd love to include as many voices as possible. We need interviewers, and people to interview! Please reach out to Dawn Smallman, KBOO's 50th Anniversary Project Manager at to get more information, and thank you for being part of KBOO!


The KBOO Stories Project is part of KBOO Radio's 50th Anniversary Celebration. The Project aims to collect interviews with people who have been important to KBOO's history, including staff and board members and on-air and off-air volunteers. We want to collect stories about KBOO and the various individuals involved at the station, particularly in the station's early years. If possible, we would also like to collect information about the history of various communities or genres of programming at KBOO, for example, African American programming, Folk Programming, Jazz, etc. Please contact, if you are interested in participating in an interview.


50 years, 50 audio streams! Throughout 2018, KBOO will be featuring many of the gems from our audio archives on our webstream at Listen to the stream to hear such speakers as Margaret Mead, bell hooks, Dick Gregory, John Trudell, early computer hacker Captain Crunch and audio coverage of the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.


In 2016, KBOO started the process of preserving 50 years of historic audio from analog open reel tape to digital format, cataloging them using PBCore metadata, & making them accessible online for public use. Our work spans the next 4 years. By its completion, the KBOO archive will constitute an exemplary collection of community radio recordings. Additionally, KBOO's work will serve as a template and model for future digitization efforts for other community stations.

As we digitize and broadcast the KBOO archive, we will add items here - telling KBOO's story in the words and voices of the people who made KBOO happen.